Why Silolog?

No, we're not just another help desk system.... we're a bit different. Here's why Silolog is the right choice:

Anyone can create a Silo

Unlike your current system, which is tightly controlled by your system administrator or IT department, anyone can create a Silo in Silolog. What's a Silo? It's a group of users. Only the users added to a Silo can see the cases in the Silo. And what that means for you is that you can have separate Silos for your private tasks and your work tasks. And the people you collaborate with in one Silo can't see what's happening in your other Silos. No other service desk system has this.

No on-premises components

Silolog is 100% cloud-based and the client runs 100% in your browser. This means you don't have to hire expensive consultants to set it up, and you don't need those consultants back when something goes wrong. It also means that the software developers at Silolog can spend their time improving the product rather than troubleshooting a remote site. Trust us - you don't want to go down the on-premises route, those days are over.

No contracts, no salespeople, no customisation

So what? It means you can literally be up and running in seconds. Just register and add some members to your first Silo. Done! From that point on, all your work is tracked.


Silolog uses secure encrypted data transfer - so your data is kept private while it travels over the internet. Our servers are in a premium data center with all the good stuff like multiple high-speed network links, firewalls, redundant power supplies and backup generators and batteries.


We've engineered it to be a fast platform. It was a key priority. Don't take our word for it, try it out and see exactly how snappy Silolog is.


What's so great about simple? Go ask your users if they would prefer to fill in 20 fields or 2 fields when they log a case. People love Silolog because it is feature poor. Less time picking categories, more time spent expressing what is needed in this complex communication technology we know as 'writing'. Silolog currently only asks for a Subject and Details when you log a case. Maybe we'll add more in the future - but we'll resist strongly until we're absolutely convinced that it will help rather than hinder.

Beautiful and Free Workflow

Anyone can assign a case to anyone else. A case can be assigned to multiple people at the same time. When all assignments are completed, the case is closed. If it gets re-assigned after being closed, the case becomes open again. It all makes sense and just works exactly how you would expect. No training is required for Silolog - it is highly intuitive.

We hope you are prepared to give us a try. We're a small company and really want to succeed. We are going to take Silolog to the next level, but need support from many customers to continually build and improve it. So, join Silolog - we're quietly confident that it will be mutually beneficial.