Silolog Pricing

Silolog has a simple flat pricing structure which makes it easy to understand what charges to expect.

Charges are calculated after the end of each calendar quarter and an invoice is produced. Each Silo has an owner. Where an owner owns more than one Silo, the quarterly charges for all Silos are combined into a single invoice. The Silolog charge is determined from the number of active members in each Silo during the quarter just completed. Therefore, we only ever charge for actual usage. Silolog does not collect your payments automatically. Instead, invoices are dispatched for client review, approval and payment.

Charge Description Charge Amount Notes
First Silo - First five members Free First Silo only, first 5 active members in that Silo in each quarter are free - forever.
Silo active member charge$25.00 US per quarter per Silo member Does not apply to the First Silo - first five members (above) and the First Quarter Trial Window (below). This charge is applied per Silo member. Where a user is a member of more than one Silo, the charge is applied for each of these memberships. However, in the case where these Silos were created by different owners, each Silo owner is invoiced separately.
First Quarter Trial Window Free The trial window applies to all Silos created by a new user during their first calendar quarter as a Silolog user. These Silos and all members of these Silos are free until the end of the quarter.
For example, if you join Silolog on January 23 and create a Silo, your free trial window lasts until March 31. The trial window is not a fixed duration. The earlier in a quarter that the Silo is created, the longer the trial window is for that Silo. We do this to keep billing simple.
Other Charges None

Additional Pricing Details

Billing quarters are as follows:
  • Q1: January 1 to March 31
  • Q2: April 1 to June 30
  • Q3: July 1 to September 30
  • Q4: October 1 to December 31
The quarter cutoff is at 23:59:59 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) on the last day of the quarter.

An active Silo member for charging purposes means a member that has created a case or actioned any case (i.e. comment, assign, close, add attachment etc.) during the quarter. For example, if someone was on extended leave and did not use Silolog during a quarter, they would not incur a charge - even if they are still a member of the Silo.

Charges are payable by the owner of a Silo. Silolog is a tool that is used by corporations and as such it is normal that user charges are aggregated and paid for by the corporation, rather than by individuals. It is important that only trusted employees are given the role of Admin or Owner. These roles enable addition of members to a Silo, and it is this action that can lead to an additional member charge being levied when that new member starts being active.

Silolog reserves the right to charge for and/or terminate services where someone is assessed to be abusing the pricing structure with the sole intent of reducing or avoiding charges.

The Silolog member charge applies to usage for the entire quarter. When a member is removed from a Silo during a quarter - the charge is still payable if the member was active in the Silo prior to being removed. Likewise, if this person's membership is reactivated, there would still only be one charge for that Silo membership during the quarter.